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One kilogram dissolving in water briquette.
   Heatlogs and Sizzlers 
solid fuel from extruded dry clean sawdust.

1 kilogram, extruded sawdust, smokeless briquettes, for fireplaces and stoves.

Target Market: 37 million wood-stove users U.S.A.

Heatlogs are dense 1.25 tons per cubic metre and do not expand at all when burning, leaving low ash content. 

At no time are any additives or waxes introduced. 

Heatlogs are made by extruding biomass under pressure, through our DEMECO extruder. 

Sizzlers are small pieces of Heatlogs used in barbecues.

 Cree Indian prophecy. "There will come a time when the Earth grows sick, and when it does, a Tribe will gather from all cultures of the World, who believe in deeds and not words.They will work to heal it."

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